Young people, ages 14 to 30, are invited to submit stories from personal experience for publication in the Lake Union Herald in the One Voice column. These stories should include statements of faith and/or challenge to their peers and/or church. The stories should be 450-500 words in length and be written in first person. Please also include a short author bio that includes author's full name, age, school attending (major area of study if in college), church where membership is held. 


All authors should take into consideration the magazine's mission statement as they write: "To tell the stories of God at work in His people in order to encourage, inspire, educate, advance and unify the church in the Lake Union Conference."


To submit stories, fill out the online form. The editors will notify authors by e-mail if their story is selected, and a casual head shot photo and mailing address will be requested at that time.


Authors whose stories are selected for publication will receive a $100 scholarship. 


If you have additional questions, please e-mail the managing editor.