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Please submit this form when reserving advertising space in the Lake Union Herald by the space reservation deadline listed on the Editorial Schedule. A Display Advertising Insertion Order must be submitted to confirm advertising space. Advertising space is available on a first-come, first service basis when a Display Advertising Insertion Order is received. Display ads are billable to established advertisers. NOTE: Advertisers should be from institutions listed in the SDA Yearbook or members of ASI (Adventist-laymen's Services & Industries).

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Back Cover ($3,215)
Full-Page Interior ($2,380)
Two-Thirds page Ad ($1,850)
Half-Page Horizontal ($1,545)
Half-Page Vertical ($1,545)
Quarter-Page 2.33 x 9.125 column ($840)
Quarter-Page 7.375 x 2.16 column ($840)
Quarter-Page 4.85 x 4.45 ($840)
Column-Inch (up to 5 inches/$96 per inch)
Four-time Annual Frequency Contract (10%)
Ten-time Annual Frequency Contract (15%)
First-time Advertiser (15%); may be combined with Frequency Contract - (This discount may not be combined with National Buy advertising or Institutional advertisers receiving the 50% discount.)
Lake Union Institutional Discount (50%) - (This discount is for institutions that subsidize the Lake Union Herald; not available with any other discount.)
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Dropping off file to Lake Union Conference Communication Department, 8450 M 139, Berrien Springs, MI 49103.