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Classified ads in the Lake Union Herald are normally 50 words, but advertisements up to 80 words are accepted with additional charges. Words are counted by the spaces between them. Phone numbers are considered one word. Enter advertisement below. The editors reserve the right to refuse or revise ads if they do not meet our guidelines.
$36/50 Words - Lake Union Members
$46/50 Words - Advertisers Outside Lake Union
.50 cents for each word above 50 to 80 words maximum


Editorial Schedule: Please refer to the Editorial Schedule for classified ad submission deadlines.

Payment Policies: Make your check payable to Lake Union Conference for the price of the ad times the number of months you wish your ad to run.

First-Time Advertisers: Send check and pastor endorsement letter to your local conference communication director with a request for an endorsement letter, and ask them to mail everything to the Lake Union Herald.

Established Advertisers: Mail check directly to Lake Union Herald, P.O. Box 287, Berrien Springs, MI 49103-0287.