Profiles of Youth

Profiles of Youth

Criteria and Submission Information
  • Students chosen for the Lake Union Herald "Profiles of Youth" column should be juniors or seniors in academy, high school, or home school or undergraduates at Andrews University.
When students are being profiled at the academies listed on the Rotation Schedule, both a male and a female student should be chosen by a vote of the faculty and staff.
High School (May also include home school students)
Male and female students should be nominated by a pastor or a local church officer of the respective conference. The conference communication director then selects one male and one female to be sent to the Lake Union Herald office for publication.
Andrews University
Both a male and female undergraduate student should be chosen by a vote of the dormitory and academic deans from names submitted by the faculty and/or deans.
  • While spirituality, leadership, and academics are important considerations, their citizenship, special achievements, and service to their community should also be considered when choosing a student. We are looking for mission-focused students, and request an emphasis on qualities that demonstrate that.
  • Send a 200-word profile for each student selected, or complete the Profiles of Youth Interview Form online using the form provided in the On-Line Forms menu on this website. Either e-mail a high resolution (300 dpi jpg or tiff format) head and shoulders image to, or send a photograph to:

         Lake Union Conference
         Communication Department
         P.O. Box 287
         Berrien Springs, MI 49103-0287

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Rotation Schedule
SCHOOL 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
 Andrews Academy  JAN  FEB  FEB  FEB  FEB
 Andrews University  OCT  OCT  OCT  OCT  OCT
 Battle Creek Academy  FEB  MAR  MAR  MAR  MAR
 Illinois Conference Youth*  MAR  APR  APR  APR  APR

 Grand Rapids Adventist



 Great Lakes Adventist


 Hinsdale Academy  JUL  JULY  JULY  JULY  JULY
 Indiana Academy  AUG  AUG  AUG  AUG  AUG
 Peterson-Warren Academy  SEP  SEP  SEP  SEP  SEP
 Wisconsin Academy  NOV  NOV  NOV  NOV  NOV
 High School  JAN '10-WI  JAN '11-MI  JAN '12-IL  JAN '13-LR  JAN '14-IN
*Since Broadview Academy is no longer open, youth from the Illinois Conference attending other academies or who are home-schooled will be profiled in the rotation.
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Articles and photos must be received on or before the deadline included in the Editorial Schedule. See Editorial Schedule link on home page.
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