Adventist Ministries Convention Discounts

Special Discounts for Adventist Ministries Convention Exhibitors


Display Advertising Discounts

  • 10% Discount/1 Ad - All Adventist Ministries Convention exhibitors (Use code AMC2012-10)
  • 15% Discount/1 Ad - New advertisers (Use code AMC2012-15)


These discounts can be combined with frequency discounts available. Reserve ad by February 1, 2012, by completing the Display Advertising Insertion Order. Enter code above in Comments Box on form to receive discount.


If you have questions, email the display advertising manager, Diane Thurber, or call 317-372-1325.


Classified Advertising Discount

All classified ads reserved by Adventist Ministries Convention exhibitors by February 1, 2012, will charged the in-Union rate ($35) instead of the out-of-Union rate ($45). Classified ads must be paid for prior to publication. To receive the discount, reserve the classified ads by completing the Classified Advertising Insertion Order form. Use code AMC2012-CA in the Additional Instructions box on form.


If you have questions, email the classified advertising manager, Judi Doty, or call 269-473-8242.